CCAC February 3rd, 2022 MEETING – Matt Parkison, Selling fish in the hobby today

Matt Parkison is a 30-year aquarist who lives in the Indianapolis area. He has worked in several directorial positions at Aquatic Arts since 2015 and he is currently a developer of Chief Aquarist at Vivvy, a dedicated aquarist marketplace company that is launching in Spring of 2022. He is a graduate of Butler University’s Jordan College of Fine Arts (Music Performance – Guitar) and was an active professional musician and music teacher before he began his professional aquarium industry odyssey. Born in Muncie, Indiana, he began keeping aquariums and studying music during elementary school and has pursued both interests throughout his life. His aquarium interest soon expanded to reptiles and amphibians as well as other exotic animals. He is also a lifelong cat lover and currently has four cats at his home.

Matt is interested in a wide variety of topics in the aquarium hobby as well as the business aspects of the aquarium industry. Among his greatest interests are scorpionfishes, loricariids, stingrays, frogfishes, and other oddball fish. Most of all, he enjoys the community of the aquarium hobby and is grateful to spend his work time in this fascinating and rewarding field.

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03 February, Thursday @ 07:30 PM EST