CCAC March 3rd, 2022 MEETING – Jackie Anderson Project Piaba

Jackie Anderson is the Education Materials Coordinator for Project Piaba, a non-profit corporation made entirely of volunteers dedicated to fostering wild caught beneficial aquarium fish fisheries. Jackie is a life-long aquarium enthusiast and is passionate about fish-keeping, the environment, and promoting environmental stewardship. With Project Piaba, she helps spread the message of how wild caught aquarium fish fisheries can have a positive effect on the environment, and how the hobby of aquarium keeping can drive environmental conservation. As a former professional aquarist she has designed and helped maintain countless aquatic environments and the messaging people receive in conjunction with aquarium exhibits. Currently she maintains and operates aquatic animal life support systems, and keeps 9 aquariums and paludariums at her home.

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03 March, Thursday @ 07:30 PM EST