Puntius conchonius

Article by John Stoller

Puntius conchonius (Rosey barb)

As fellow Circle City Aquarium Club (CCAC) members, I have developed a friendship with Greg Issacs.   He and I often exchange ideas on various fish we are breeding.  Greg, knowing that I am pursing “Master Breeder” status with the club, loaned me a group of 6 rosey barbs.  These were gorgeous fish, very bright red, visible from across the room, and completely like the bland, reddish specimens that I have often seen aquarium shops.

The fish look so good that instead of placing them in a tank to condition them, I  placed them directly into a tank setup for spawning egg scatterers.  The tank had a breeding screen, secured by two pieces of ½” PVC covering the bare bottom of the tank.  On top of the screen, I added Java Moss as a spawning media, and a small sponge filter.   The temperature was set to 78F.  All six adults were placed in the spawning tank.  This was done early in the evening.  A black piece of foam from a Hamburg Matten Filter was placed on top of the tank to minimize light into the tank.

The next day, I was able to see eggs under the mesh.  Once I noticed the eggs, I pulled out the adults and placed them back into their own tank.  At the same time, I also pulled out the screen too.  The day after I found eggs, I noticed little fry bouncing on the bottom of the bare bottom tank.  I could only see the fry using my cell phone camera with a highly magnified video.

About 3 days after hatching, I began to feed the fry Hikari fry powder. This is a very fine, green colored food.  To feed, I fill a shot glass with water from the tank.  I then added a pinch of the food and stirred vigorously to mix it up.  I then sucked the green water into a turkey baster then gently squirted the mixture into the tank, near the fry.  Since l work from home, I was able to do this procedure 3-5 times per day.

About a week after hatching, I began adding BBS to the feeding routine.  At the end of the 2nd week, I discontinued feeding the Hikari mix.  During the initial grow out, I did 10% water changes 2-4 times per week.  Once the fry were about ¼” long, I moved then into a 20 gallon tank.  At ½” they were moved to a 40B for final grow out.