Corydoras aeneus

Articles by Brad Voshell – aeneus green, albino aeneus

Corydoras aeneus (Green)

I purchased a group of five green aeneus corys at the spring auction of the Circle City Aquarium Club in 2014. I brought them home and put them in their own ten gallon tank with a thin layer of sand substrate along with a few oak leaves. I used a simple sponge filter for the filtration.

A couple of weeks later a friend asked if I wanted a couple of corys she had. It seems here African cichlids were beating up the corys pretty bad. I went and picked them up and was surprised to see there were also green aeneus corys, so I brought them home and after a couple weeks in quarantine I added them to the group.

I started feeding the mob a variety of foods, they were given flake food and shrimp pellets. They really liked frozen brine shrimp along with frozen blood worms. I started conditioning them for breeding by giving them live black worms, soon the females started to plump up after a few feedings of the black worms. I also started doing water changes with cold tap water along with Aqueon water treatment. After a few weeks of this I was rewarded with several eggs laid on the side of the tank. I carefully removed the eggs using an old credit card and a net and moved the eggs into a breeder net to protect the eggs from being eaten by the adult corys.

After approximately 5 to 7 days, I noticed the eggs starting to hatch out. I waited 3 days before starting to feed the newly hatched frozen baby brine shrimp. They were kept on this diet for about 4 to 5 weeks then I moved them into the grow out tank and fed them a variety of foods.


Corydoras aeneus (albino)

My breeding group of albino corys are a group that I rescued when I bought an aquarium setup from an individual. I originally kept them in my 125 community take until I thought that they were big enough for breeding at the time. I moved them into a 10 gallon tank with a simple sponge filter and a thin layer of sand substrate.

I keep the breeding tank at around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and I did cold tap water changes with Aqueon water condition to induce breeding. I fed them a variety of foods including pellets, frozen and live. Normally they are fed flakes and pellet foods but when conditioning for breeding I fed them frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms along with live black worms.

After conditioning for a couple of weeks I started doing cold water changes almost daily and soon I was rewarded with eggs attached to the glass of the tank. Then I removed the eggs by scraping them off the glass into a net, the eggs are then placed into a breeder net close to the sponge filter outlet tube for water movement. After about 5 to 7 days the eggs start hatching, and after 3 days I start feeding them micro worms and baby brine shrimp.

One thing I have noticed is that the albino strain grows a lot slower the green or bronze stain of aeneus. I have green aeneus that were born a few days after the albino and are twice the size of them now.