CCAC April 7th, 2022 MEETING – Ted Coletti Tubs and Ponds

CCAC April 7th, 2022 MEETING – Dr. Ted Coletti

Dr. Ted Coletti is a hobbyist, writer and speaker from New Jersey’s Skylands Region. An aquarist for nearly 40 years, he presents programs around the United States and Canada and has written over 200 articles and 2 books for the hobby. A former Editor of the ALA Journal, Ted was the livebearer columnist for FAMA and TFH magazines from 2000-2010. Ted’s book, Aquarium Care of Livebearing Fish, is published by TFH-Animal Planet. For the past 4 decades, Ted has been the hobby’s evangelizer for the “summer tubbing” movement. His acclaimed second book, The Tub Pond Handbook , is now in its 3rd edition (  A hobby historian, Ted is the Founder & Moderator of the Aquarium Hobby Historical Society. He presents club programs on all these topics

Born and raised in New York City’s Bronx County, Ted is a psychologist by training and works in the pharmaceuticals industry as Forecaster. He is a Master Breeder and Senior Grower at the North Jersey Aquarium Society, and in 2019, founded the Skylands Aquarium & Water Garden Group. At home, Ted maintains a small fishroom, many guitars, over 2 dozen tub ponds, and 1 very patient wife.



“Take it Outside! Summer Tubbing for Fish Breeding and Water Gardening”

The required space, maintenance, and expense of a traditional pond dissuades many from a garden water feature. The solution is the freestanding container or tub pond. If you are an aquarist, move your fishroom outside to breed or maintain tropical fishes and other aquatic life with minimal effort and fast grow-out. If you are plagued by a black thumb, this is no-fail gardening. Presented by the hobby’s leading voice on “summer tubbing” for the past 25 years, and author of the acclaimed “Tub Pond Handbook”, now in its 3rd edition (

Meeting Location:

5120 Victory Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46203

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07 April, Thursday @ 07:30 PM EST

What to expect:

A typical meeting we start setting up about 7:00 pm and will official start around 7:30 pm. At the start of the meeting all club business and announcements are made.

Next is our speaker/presentation. Typically they last about 1 hour. Topics have a very broad range as far as a hobbyist can see.

After that a  brief intermission.

The Conclusion consists of door prizes, a members-only raffle item donated from one of our many proud sponsors/supporters, and a members-only mini-auction of fish and aquarium related goods.  Meetings usually last until 9:30 or 10:00 pm