BAP Rules

BAP Program Specifics and Rules

  1. This BAP program will begin January 2, 1992.
  2. Participants must be CCAC members in good standing.
  3. It is the aquarists’ responsibility to see that his/ her spawning is verified and that his/ her points are recorded.
  4. It is the aquarists’ responsibility to fill out the CCAC BAP Standard Spawning Report and give it to the BAP Chairperson.
  5. Points may be awarded to individuals or to families, but not to both.
  6. All articles written for BAP must be submitted to BAP Chairperson first.
  7. If the aquarist wishes to write an article on subjects, other than the fish spawned, permission must be obtained from BAP Chairperson first. As of Nov. 2003, each article must be 250 words or more.
  8. When BAP points are reclassified, the points shall not be applied to the detriment of any points previously given. In event, that the changes would increase the previous points given, the change will be retroactive to 1/02/92. 
  9. Transfer of points from another club’s award program will not be allowed in this BAP program. 
  10. Lapse in membership- former club member’s points will be reinstated depending on availability of records. 
  11. Changes to the BAP Rules and Requirements must be submitted via written request to the BAP Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Additional Information

  1. The eggs must have been spawned by the breeder’s own fish. 
  2. 60 DAYS of age means 60 days after hatching for egg layers. 
  3. Points will be awarded for each different species bred. For species which have different color morphs or physical characteristics (Hi-fin, Plumetail, Bubble-eye, etc) points can be earned for one additional spawning of any different variety of that species. Points will not be awarded for any duplicate spawning of the same species except as noted above. 
  4. Any fish, not listed in point classifications or on the BAP Species List will be assigned points upon written request of BAP Chairperson and approved by the Board of Directors.